The league of Grand Masters was founded for the purpose of sharing knowledge and information, to enhance and support the martial arts community through the networking of the leadership within it. The league of Grand Masters will endeavor to provide progressive ideas intended to improve the martial arts in general, and the martial artist, specifically. Its members will work diligently to preserve traditional principles within modern day practices and to offer strategic leadership, guidance, and counsel to member organizations.

The League of Grand Masters is an organization of Grand Masters who are 8th Dan or higher and are recognized senior members of the Korean Martial Arts. The League of Grand Masters was formed out of the recognition that there was a need for such an organization of "legitimate" Grand Masters within the Americas that are following the required good practices standards.


A Korean Grand Master Society, from which many of the Korean Grand Masters received their 9th or 10th Dan ranking, is recognized as an honorable and effective method to conduct the awarding and documentation of senior Grand Masters by their peers. However, it is unfortunate that Americans have not been accepted as equals in such a Korean Grand Master society. Thus, Americans have not been afforded an equal opportunity for becoming legitimate 9th Dan martial science practitioners. Certainly, we Americans have found this to be offensive.


One method currently in existence for obtaining rank in Korean Martial Arts is to submit to rank by the "Ku Ki Won" in Korea. One of the requirements is to be recommended by two Korean Grand Masters. The "Ku Ki Kwon" organization also reportedly requires many thousands of dollars from a candidate to be tested. We find this practice offensive as well as unnecessary.


Another even less valued alternative method in practice for promotion to senior belts including Grand Master rank is by joining an organization that awards belts with little regards to any traditional requirements or other recognized legitimate means of achieving excellence in the martial sciences. This practice is considered by many as a means whereby people of questionable character and legitimacy are awarded belts and ranking from other people of questionable character and legitimacy. Martial Arts should not be about the acquisition of money. Rather, ability, experience, honor, and dedication to the study of the martial science should be the primary criteria used to select all Grand Masters.


We, as members of the League of  Grand Masters, were joined by our artistry in  multiple styles of martial arts. From these many and varied styles, we derived requirements that bring a standard of good practices to the study of all martial sciences, as well as legitimacy in awarding ranks.


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